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Hypocrites!! New York Democrats Tell Illegal Immigrants To Leave And Go Somewhere Else

So much for being a ‘Sanctuary City’

The Post Millennial

(PM.) New York City has had enough of illegal immigrants exhausting the city’s resources and is planning on distributing flyers to illegal immigrants that state they will not be able to find work in the Big Apple and to go elsewhere.

According to Bloomberg, the flyers will be dispersed to illegal immigrants in NYC shelters and at the US/Mexico border in an attempt to dissuade them from coming to the concrete jungle. The contents of the flyer warn illegal immigrants that that “you will not be placed in a hotel”, “NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world; you are better off going to a more affordable city”, and “NYC cannot help you obtain a work permit, and you will not be able to easily find work.”

The crisis at the US-Mexico border due to the Biden administration’s open border policies has significantly impacted cities across the United States, with New York City being among one of the worst-hit cities aside from those in border states.

Data shows that more than 60,000 illegal immigrants are currently residing in the Big Apple, overwhelming shelters, hotels, and other public areas like parks and school playing fields. Out of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, only 2 percent have applied for work visas. Democrats at every level of government believed that the illegal immigration problem in New York would be solved by getting the migrants work visas, but have seemingly reversed course after only 800 applied.

The city anticipates that the expense of providing care for illegal immigrants will reach $12 billion by mid-2025, with each migrant household costing taxpayers $387 per day, according to Bloomberg.

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