Video: The Cuba AOC And Democrats Don’t Want American’s To See – And A Cuban’s Reaction To Setting Foot In A U.S. Grocery For The First Time


The firebrand Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York has made a name for herself promoting the glories of socialism while conspicuously ignoring its downfalls.

While those with even a cursory understanding of world history over the last century often find it astounding that there is so much ignorance surrounding the way socialism has always — always — played out when applied to nations like Russia, Venezuela and Cuba, AOC’s base is not known for their economic savvy but rather that same, old, ancient human sin of covetousness that has led millions to believe the state can afford them what fortune has not: provision and comfort.

It is, of course, authoritarianism and poverty that Marxist governments are best adept at establishing, as, again, history blatantly shows us.

Just 91 miles away from the southernmost tip of Florida, the island nation of Cuba has been a living example of the failures of communism for decades, and yet when AOC and her ilk aren’t outright ignoring the suffering of the Cuban people, they’re blaming the United States for its desperate poverty.

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