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Video: Trick-Or-Treater’s Mocked Joe Biden On Halloween – Watch Those Steps!!

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

(PJ Media) I hope these trick-or-treaters’ parents have their taxes in perfect order for the audits on the horizon, because their Halloween mockery of “President” Joe Biden is way too funny. Of course, politics is always a popular theme at Halloween — why else would costume suppliers manufacture presidential masks every year? But it’s one thing to buy a mask and put it on, and it’s another to play the part convincingly. When these young revelers layered their role-playing with mockery, the result was spot-on political satire.


To be sure, the blundering, phony, incompetent, and crooked Biden administration is an easy target, and there was more than one effective lampoon of its leaders this year. But far and away the best comedic work was done by good, old-fashioned irreverent teenage boys. No wonder the left calls them “toxic” and tries to castrate them with humorless nag culture.

First place for Halloween 2023 was a tie between two sets of magnificent young men who had the same idea: one of them dressed as Biden while his buddies transformed themselves into his Secret Service detail/care providers. Watch these comic wizards destroy the pretenses of the leftist establishment in seconds. Here’s group one:


And here’s group two:


Second place goes to this adorable little chain gang of Democrat felons, finally being led off to jail by a resurgent President Trump. I think I recognize Barack Obama and Bill Clinton (though the poster identifies him as George W. Bush) as well as Biden in this lineup:

The omnipresent Biden mask also embellished some scary decorations to frighten the children:

Another Biden — first son and bagman to the Big Guy, Hunter Biden — proved a popular option for adults:

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