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Video: UN Official Says ‘We Own The Science’ On ‘Climate Change’ And Work With Google To Censor, Suppress All Opposing Viewpoints

Google is apparently hard at work censoring any and all information that doesn’t fit their narrative

Information Liberation

(Information Liberation) A United Nations official told the World Economic Forum on Thursday that they “own the science” on “climate change” and have partnered together with Google to suppress opposing viewpoints in search results.

UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Ruth Fleming made the comments while speaking at a WEF event on “Tackling Disinformation.”

“You know, we partnered with Google, for example, if you Google climate change, you will, at the top of your search, get all kinds of UN resources,” Fleming said. “We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we Googled climate change, we were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top.”

“So we’re becoming much more proactive,” she continued. “You know, we own the science and we think that the world should know it and the platforms themselves also do. But again, it’s a huge, huge challenge that I think all sectors of society need to be very active in.”

Whereas Google’s previously less-biased results showed opposing view points, a Google search for “Climate Change” today shows exclusively globalist propaganda.

Fleming said Facebook and other social media sites are also working together with the UN to “shift” their algorithms to favor “institutions” over “individuals,” lest “Joe Conspiracy-Theorist” — her denigrating term for the average person — be allowed to have a voice.

“We need to find where people are searching and get there first, but not with a, you know, kind of boring 50-page document, but content that is produced in an engaging form, that travels well digitally and works on social media and also in languages,” Fleming said.

“We deployed our country offices all over the world to take the basic messaging that really didn’t change that much on health guidance and on the efficacy and the safety of the vaccines, and produce content in such a way that it is locally relevant and that it travels in digital spaces, but it is also in languages that people understand and in contexts that make sense.”

The WEF panel suggested the world needs to adopt laws like in Germany where “there are rules and regulations about what you can say in relation to the Third Reich, the Holocaust, those kinds of things.”

“In the UK, with the huge issues that the UK went through in the seventies and eighties, there is defense against racist speech and hate speech,” World Economic Forum Geneva Managing Director Adrian Monck said.

Brown University School of Public Health professor Claire Wardle lamented that the First Amendment “stops nuanced conversations about speech” and claimed “this idea of more speech is good speech” is “not really the case.”

“People say: ‘Oh, the First Amendment, what kind of harm is this causing?’ Well what does this kind of low-level, conspiratorial, hateful, misogynistic content, that doesn’t break platform guidelines, over time, where is that leading us?” Wardle said.

“This idea that all speech is equal is not true,” she insisted.

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