Washington Post Poll On Trans Narrative Doesn’t Go As Planned, Shows 70% Of Americans Think Pushing Transition On Kids Is Bad

People are waking up to what is simply the ‘LGBTQ cult’

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(PJ Media) Earlier this week, PJ Media’s Matt Margolis reported on a recent Washington Post-KFF poll which demonstrated that most Americans don’t buy into the LGBTQ (especially the T) narrative of allowing kids to pump themselves full of hormones and mutilate their bodies.

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The poll proved that a considerable majority of Americans don’t agree with allowing kids to go down the transgender path. A whopping 70% think transing kids is bad, while 60% don’t agree with transing teens. Moreover, a majority of those surveyed believe that elementary and middle school kids don’t need to hear transgender propaganda in schools.

It’s hard to ignore or dismiss those kinds of results. Yet somehow, the Washington Post not only dismissed the results of its own poll, but the paper also managed to insult those who took part in it and shared their opinions.

With a headline of “Most Americans support anti-trans policies favored by GOP, poll shows,” the Post managed to both denigrate those who don’t fall in line with the left-wing narrative on the issue and unnecessarily politicize it.

“Most Americans don’t believe it’s even possible to be a gender that differs from that assigned at birth,” write reporters Laura Meckler and Scott Clement (and you can almost hear the gasp in that sentence).A 57 percent majority of adults said a person’s gender is determined from the start, with 43 percent saying it can differ.”

And in a riff on “Republicans pounce,” the writers point to the poll results as “political jet fuel for Republicans in statehouses and Congress who are pushing measures restricting curriculum, sports participation and medical care,” adding later on that “some Americans have become more conservative on these questions as Republicans have seized the issue and worked to promote new restrictions.”

People don’t believe in letting the trans-über-alles crowd have its way! Horror or horrors!

Other conservatives noticed the reporting and called out the Post.


The Post quotes one woman who started out buying into the trans rhetoric but changed her tune, blaming her about-face on “Christian podcasts.” Those horrible Christians with their truth — how dare they?

Meckler and Clement lament the “complicated and sometimes contradictory views” that people apparently hold when it comes to transgenderism. For some reason, they find it remarkable that, while an overwhelming majority don’t think it’s right to trans kids, most people also don’t believe in discrimination against trans people.

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