Welcome To Liberal America: Out-Of-Control Crime And Democrats Telling You To Just ‘Comply’ With Robbers

Officials in Democrat run cities refuse to prosecute criminals

Credit: NewsTarget


Blue cities in America — run by traitorous Democrats who are desperately trying to destabilize society and bring down America — are collapsing into lawlessness and chaos.

Across NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Boston, St. Louis, Los Angeles and other blue cities, vehicle break-ins are skyrocketing, muggings are up and shoplifting is spiraling out of control to such a huge extent that many retailers (like Walgreens and CVS) are simply shutting down stores in blue cities.


This week in Connecticut, thieves brazenly looted a grocery store in broad daylight, walking out with shopping carts full of grocery products (and toxic laundry detergent, weirdly), stuffing the products into vehicles with no license plates, then recklessly driving off at high speed. See the video here:

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