Liberal Policies Have Lead To Huge Murder Increases In Democrat-Run Cities – Dems Brush It Off Like Collateral Damage



The war on police and other liberal policies are wreaking havoc on America’s cities. Crime — especially violent crime — seems to rise in direct proportion to the implementation of liberal policies by liberal politicians.

A comparison of the crime rates of Democrat-run cities taking statistics from 2020 and 2021 shows an alarming and dangerous trend.

A segment of Greg Kelly Reports by Newsmax featured journalist and author Andy Ngo as the guest. Kelly and Ngo discussed the increased crime in America’s Democrat-controlled cities.

After showing a clip of the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue blaming the crime spike on a combination of “the traditional summer spike” and America “opening back up again” after “this pandemic,” Kelly asserted that Biden’s “explanation is simply ridiculous. “When you compare it year over year, you can’t say it’s the summer, because you’re comparing it against … the summer,” Kelly said, adding, “When it’s higher than it was last year — and way higher than it was two years ago — stop it, stop it. You’re being disingenuous.”

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