Facebook Rises To A New Level Of Disturbing In Asking Users To Root Out ‘Extremists’ On Their Website

The company aims to be like Nazi Germany, controlling users through propaganda, censorship


Facebook: A company that bans free thought and free speech unless it adheres to the thought police running Facebook, is now offering two very creepy warnings randomly to users, about “extremism.”

We have seen some pretty messed up stuff over at Facebook over the past decade, but these latest pop-up warnings have got to take the prize for being the creepiest of creepy.

Facebook users have been sharing screen shots of what is popping up onto their screen when they sign in to Facebook, both messages about extremism, but one shows how closely Facebook watches every post you make, look at, or like, or discuss, as well as what groups users belong to.

Topping off the creep-factor of the actual pop-up warnings is the messages one sees when clicking the “get support” button of those warnings.

That and more will be discussed below…..

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