World Bank Admits Pfizer Won’t Get Involved With Countries Where They Can Be Liable For COVID Vaccine Injuries, Deaths

If that isn’t a red flag for staying away from Pfizer’s vaccine, what it?

Credit: SGT Report


This year, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund turned 77 years old.

Since their founding in 1944, these two international financial behemoths have grown into massive bureaucracies and are largely controlled by US special interests who push policies that run counter to the interests of the rest of the world.


Through cronyism and predatory lending, the World Bank and IMF have systematically devoured the national sovereignty of countries worldwide in order to bend those countries to the will of the oligopoly. Through loans and leveraged debt, these highly corrupt institutions have forced countries into servitude, violating international pacts and human rights in the process. They have also made it entirely clear that they have no qualms about supporting dictators.

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