Antifa-Allied Socialist Democrat Decides To Backtrack But Only After Backlash From Saying The Homeless Should Break Into And Occupy Homes

No matter what Rebecca Parson’s excuse might be, she still was advocating for the commission of a crime

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Washington state congressional candidate Rebecca Parson, who was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America and is allied with Antifa, previously said in a campaign ad that when she wins the election, a million people living in the US should break into empty houses and live in them so that Congress will pass housing legislation.

After significant blowback, Parson is now changing her tune.

Parson told Fox News Digital that she was referring to houses “owned by banks and Wall Street corporations like Zillow and BlackRock.”

Despite calling for the break-ins, which by Washington state law are at minimum trespassing and vandalism, both misdemeanors, Parson told the outlet, “I don’t want people to commit a crime.No

Now she is claiming that she wants governments to purchase the homes for the homeless to live in. “The idea is there’s this crisis situation with people who need homes and then there’s 28 empty homes for every homeless person in the country. So, let’s have the federal government or city and local governments use money to buy these properties and use them for what they’re actually intended for.”

The activist running as Democrat to represent Washington’s 6th Congressional District said in the video ad that while sleeping in her car, she “did what she was supposed to” in order to fight for change, which included attending protests, writing letters, and making phone calls, but failed to accomplish anything.

After celebrating her previous activist efforts, which included illegally occupying properties such as a motel, yet admitting failure in her efforts to achieve anything, she said in the video, “f*ck that!,” grabbed a bolt cutter, and cut through a fence around a home which had been foreclosed on by a bank and moved in.

She continued, “imagine I proposed a housing for all bill in Congress, then imagine you, me, and a million of our friends took action and occupied empty houses nationwide. They couldn’t ignore us.”

Parson continued, “No one has ever done anything like this. That’s why it’s going to work.”
Parson attempted to clarify her remarks regarding a million people breaking into homes to Fox after the backlash saying, “I’m telling them to imagine. Look, if you pressure your local government or pressure your member of Congress or your senator to actually do something to stop just wringing your hands and talking, “Oh how terrible, what a complicated problem homelessness is.””

Parson’s campaign previously contacted The Post Millennial’s Ari Hoffman through his radio show on 570 KVI for an interview but has since refused to acknowledge follow up requests to schedule.

Parson is very familiar with illegal occupations of properties. In 2020, she was the spokesperson for Tacoma Housing Now, a group that took over 16 rooms in a motel in Fife, Wash., on Christmas Eve, claiming they were using it to house homeless people. The activists paid for one night, then refused to leave and demanded that local governments pay the motel bill and designate the motel a shelter, as had been done in other parts of the state.


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