Chicago Alderman Decries Illinois No Bail Law, Says Criminals Are ‘Emboldened’ And ‘Innocent People Being Hunted Down Like Prey’

Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez says ‘socialist’ and ‘progressive’ Democrats don’t care about soft-on-crime policies

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(PM.) On Tuesday, Chicago alderman Raymond Lopez (D) said that the city’s policies have emboldened criminals to break the law and the cry for help by the citizens is not being heard by the politicians.

In an interview with Fox News, Lopez said, “We see the new law and the cash bail, ending the pretrial detainable offenses lists grow. Things like robbery, burglary, arson, assault, even threatening elected officials like myself, do not warrant being held on bond anymore in the state of Illinois, and criminals are taking note they become emboldened.”

In the interview, he said, “Innocent people are being hunted down like prey in the city of Chicago.” He continued, “That’s exactly what happened to this young man who was just walking home going about his business eating when these two individuals viciously attacked him and the screams the cries for help have gone unanswered and we see this pattern repeat itself time and time again.”

Some members of the city got together on Monday night to host a town hall to discuss the crime and what needed to be done to stop the violence taking place, and no Democrats showed up to listen to the people. Lopez, who is a Democrat, said that “voters are starting to stand up and take notice and realize that when you put people who are socialists or ultra progressives in office as everyone on … that the town hall was, you wind up with a tone-deaf leadership that doesn’t care…”

“Common sense requires us to start standing up and pushing back on the criminality in our neighborhoods,” he added. “To start holding people and parents accountable because oftentimes, these are 12 13, 14 year-olds who are engaging in this behavior, such as the arm carjacking that is so rampant in the city of Chicago.”

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