Idaho Governor Repeals Mask Ban Implemented By Lt. Gov. McGeachin While He Was Out Of State

Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin announcing her candidacy for governor -Credit: AP


Idaho’s ban on local COVID-19 mask mandates lasted just one day, as Governor Brad Little (R) revoked an executive order issued by his lieutenant Janice McGeachin (R) while he was traveling out of state and rebuked her for “irresponsible abuse of power” and a “self-serving stunt.”

McGeachin’s order issued on Thursday stated: “Neither the state nor a political subdivision may mandate that an individual in this state must wear a face mask, face shield or other face covering for the purpose of preventing or slowing the spread of a contagious or infectious disease.”

The order also mentioned that because of the serious concerns over the short- and long-term negative effect of mask wearing, the mask mandates maintained by the health districts, public schools, and political subdivisions of the state fail to serve a public health and safety purpose and unnecessarily restrict rights and liberties of the people and businesses.

Governor Little reversed the decision and said that although he never issued a statewide mask mandate, he did not believe in taking power away from local officials to put out health guidelines that they see fit.

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