Liberal Politics: Los Angeles DA Gascon Lets Teen Off The Hook With 5-Month Probation, Outraging Mother Who He Mowed Down Along With Infant Son

If you’re a career criminal or plan to be, you should be calling LA home

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A California teen convicted of plowing a car into a mother and her 8-month-old son will spend just five months in a diversionary program thanks to Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, according to the woman who survived the crash.

Despite shocking surveillance video of the Aug. 6, 2021, incident, numerous eyewitnesses and initial felony charges, the teen will serve his sentence at a “juvenile probation camp,” an alternative sentence less severe than juvenile detention.


“I thought those were the last moments of our lives; we were dead,” the mother, who asked to be identified only as Rachel, wrote in a victim’s impact statement. “That feeling, along with the memory of a car accelerating directly into us, will haunt me forever.”


Surveillance video recorded the entire Aug. 6, 2021, hit-and-run in Venice, Calif. (Los Angeles County)

Gascon’s office said it was looking into the sentencing.

According to police sources, the driver, 16 at the time of the crime, initially told investigators the victim appeared out of nowhere, and he struck her by accident.

Multiple videos show the car veering directly at the mother and child while speeding the wrong way down a narrow backstreet with no sidewalks. After mowing them down, the driver attempts to drive away, only to be stopped by another driver who rams the stolen sedan with a pickup.

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