Liberals In Washington State Force Navy Seals To Stop Training, Claim ‘Fear’ Of Armed Men And Ammo That Isn’t ‘Environmental Friendly’

Between its politics, citizens and crime, Washington State has become a Sh*t show

Credit: The Post Millennial


The United States Navy is reportedly halting SEAL trainings at Washington state’s coastal parks after a legal battle ensued following residents voicing concerns about seeing “armed men” on the beaches.

Lawyers with the Whidbey Environmental Action Network argued in a lawsuit filed last month against Washington State Parks and Recreation that the SEAL’s make residents feel uncomfortable and their trainings are allegedly not “environmental friendly.”

“It is difficult to find peace in the woods when armed frogmen might be lurking behind every tree,” lawyers said during the legal brief.

Washington state coastal parks have been used by the US Navy for SEAL trainings for more than 30 years. Navy officials say that the state’s cold waters and diverse environmental factors is the ideal environment to simulate what they may encounter in operations overseas.

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