Liberal Laws: NYC Homeowners Told They Will Be Arrested If They Turn Off Utilities To Illegal Squatters

AP Photo/Eric Risberg

(Townhall) The woke city of New York is being overrun by rampant crime, illegal immigrants, and now squatters thanks to a law that turns them into tenants after 30 days.

New York City homeowners are being pushed to financial limits that allow squatters to live rent-free. At the same time, the owners are forced to keep paying electricity and maintenance bills for the apartments.


Under New York City law, anyone who lives in a home or apartment for at least 30 days can claim squatter’s rights, even if they broke into the property without permission from the owner.

Squatters are taking advantage of New York City laws while homeowners go broke.

Several homeowners told CBS that they would be “arrested instantly” if they were to change the locks, evict the squatters, or turn off necessities such as hot water. They are forced to pay for the upkeep of the homes while squatters, many of whom are illegal immigrants, get to live in them for free.

One woman told the outlet that she is in debt with maxed-out credit cards after having to pay for all of the expenses as squatters take over her home.

“They turned off the hot water and then reported that they had no hot water. It’s a $250 fine per day, up to $15,000 punishable by five years in jail,” homeowner Susan Mascara said. (Via CBS News)

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