Video: Biden Panders To Anti-American Muslims In Dearborn Michigan Despite Them Chanting ‘Death To America’

AP Photo/B.K. Bangash

(PJ Media) Old Joe Biden has stabbed Israel in the back in order to try to ensure that he carries Michigan in November, but at least some of the Muslims in the Great Lake State don’t exactly seem grateful.

Friday was International Al-Quds Day, an orgy of global victimhood posturing and rage over Israel’s refusal to surrender to the Palestinian jihad, and in Dearborn, rallygoers observing the day demonstrated that if Biden actually cared about the wellbeing of the American people, he would have bigger things to think about in Michigan than the presidential election.


Dearborn’s International Al-Quds Day rally was streamed live on the Facebook page of the Arabic-English news site It seems to have been taken down from Facebook, but video of the entire rally is still available as of Sunday afternoon at

Around the 40-minute mark of that video, as the crowd screams “Free, Free Palestine” and the genocidal “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free,” an activist named Tarek Bazzi came to the podium. What he said should be a matter of grave concern to Old Joe, Merrick Garland, and the FBI — if, that is, anyone can convince them that someone who isn’t a “Jan. 6 insurrectionist” or “white supremacist” should warrant any of their attention.

“We’ve been asked in the past,” Bazzi said, “why are our protests on the International Day of Quds, why are they so anti-America? Why don’t we just focus more on Israel and not talk so much on America? Gaza has shown the entire world why these protests are so anti-America.” Bazzi went on to claim that the U.S. was bankrolling Israel’s war effort and running interference for Israel at the UN; he also referred to Hamas propaganda regarding alleged Israeli atrocities.

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