LOL!! San Francisco Reparations Committee Wants $5 Million Payments To Blacks For ‘Systemic Repression’ – And That’s Only The Beginning

Even more laughable in their proposal is that they want to be supplemented to reflect the area median income annually (currently $97,000) for at least 250 years.

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(PM.) San Francisco’s reparations committee, convened in 2021, has proposed that black, longtime residents be given $5 million and debt forgiveness due to the city’s history of “systemic repression.”

The San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee’s draft report addresses “the public policies explicitly created to subjugate Black people in San Francisco by upholding and expanding the intent and legacy of chattel slavery.” California has never been a slave state.


“While neither San Francisco, nor California, formally adopted the institution of chattel slavery, the tenets of segregation, white supremacy and systematic repression and exclusion of Black people were codified through legal and extralegal actions, social codes, and judicial enforcement,” the draft states.

The specific recommended actions listed includes providing a one-time, lump sum payment of $5 million to each eligible person, with the rationale being that “A lump sum payment would compensate the affected population for the decades of harms that they have experienced, and will redress the economic and opportunity losses that Black San Franciscans have endured, collectively, as the result of both intentional decisions and unintended harms perpetuated by City policy.”

The draft also proposes that the income of African-Americans be supplemented to reflect the area median income annually for at least 250 years. The AMI in San Francisco is $97,000

“Racial disparities across all metrics have led to a significant racial wealth gap in the City of San Francisco. By elevating income to match AMI, Black people can better afford housing and achieve a better quality of life,” the draft reads.

It also calls for access to a “spectrum of financial education, from beginning to advanced.”




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