Outta Here: New York City Prosecutors Fleeing DA’s Office After Extreme Leftist Alvin Bragg Take Office

Bragg has promised to go soft on crime, leaving residents vulnerable to repeat offenders



Prosecutors in soft-on-crime Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office are flooding the exits amid his “radical shift in policy,” The Post has learned.

Bragg’s controversial “Day One” memo issued on Jan. 3 told assistant district attorneys to not seek prison sentences for many criminals and to downgrade some felonies to misdemeanors. His leadership has already created a firestorm that has led to an online petition calling for him to be removed.

“I know one [ADA] who was with the office over 20 years who left without a job,” said a law enforcement source. “They didn’t want to work in this kind of office. They wanted to continue prosecuting the law.”

Over the past two weeks, at least a dozen lawyers have quit.

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