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RINO Pennsylvania ‘Republican’ Dr. Oz Shows His Hypocrisy After Fundraising With A ‘Clinton Friend And Epstein Associate’

Dr. Mehmet Oz attacked his opponent for ‘taking money from Dems’


Dr. Mehmet Oz, the celebrity doctor running as a Republican in Pennsylvania’s 2022 U.S. Senate race, is accused of being a hypocrite after a reportedly lavish “$250,000-a-head fundraiser with [a] Clinton friend and Epstein associate” when he has attacked his most prominent opponent David McCormick for “taking money from [Democrats].”

Dr. Oz in the past has accused McCormick of taking money from “Clinton-loving Democrats” while trying to appear as a strong Republican. However, he had a fundraiser costing a quarter of a million dollars per head with Pepe Fanjul, a friend of Bill Clinton, both of whom  were in Jeffery Epstein’s black book of contacts, according to the Daily Mail. The fundraiser was at Fanjul’s farm in Palm Beach.


Fanjul has been a “prominent Republican donor” but has also been cozy with the Clinton family for decades. Last year, Bill Clinton was seen boarding a yacht with the Epstein-connected billionaire sugar baron Pepe Fanjul and his brother Alfonso. At that time, the Daily Mail reported that Clinton and Pepe appeared in Epstein’s “‘black book’ of celebrity, wealthy and influential contacts.”

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