Video: Washington State Democrats Show They Are Anti-Semitic And Pro-Hamas, Slap Surprise ‘Hamas Amendment’ On Holocaust Education Bill

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(PM.) A bipartisan bill on Holocaust and genocide education in Washington state has had a “Hamas amendment” slapped on it by State House Democrats that would guarantee that antisemitic and pro-Hamas talking points are taught to public school children.

House Bill 2037 mandates that public schools teach the Holocaust and other genocides and augment current material on the Holocaust with a curriculum augmented by the Holocaust Center for Humanity and other agencies. Additionally, in April, International Genocide Prevention and Awareness Month, Washington public schools must also promote age-appropriate educational activities regarding the Holocaust and other genocides.

The bill was a companion to a Senate bill, introduced by Republican State Senator John Braun, following the Hamas massacre of Oct 7, to address GOP concerns that one in five Americans aged 18 to 29 don’t think the Holocaust occurred.

However, once the bills were introduced, local antisemites and Hamas supporters spammed legislators demanding that the Holocaust education be watered down and focus more on other genocides.

Some of the far-left educators also wanted children to be taught the false narrative that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians in the Jewish state’s ongoing war against Hamas terrorists.

After the bill came out of committee with unanimous approval, Seattle Democratic Rep. Emily Alvarado, in a move attempting to pacify her far-left base, slapped what legislators have dubbed the “Hamas amendment” on the legislation that would open the door for the Holocaust curriculum to include the false Hamas narrative in an attempt to offset addressing pro-Israel “bias” in the material.

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