Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe Clueless About Critical Race Theory, Can’t Define It But Says Those Who Oppose It Are ‘Racist’

Black reporter: ‘If we don’t have a definition, how can we say it’s racist?’



Opposing the Marxist-based Critical Race Theory is racist, but defining CRT doesn’t matter, because it’s not being taught in schools.

That was the stance taken by former Democratic National Committee chairman and Clinton acolyte Terry McAuliffe in a televised candidate forum Thursday night in his run for governor of Virginia.

“It’s not taught in Virginia, and it’s never been taught in Virginia,” McAuliffe asserted.  “And as I’ve said this a lot, it’s a dog whistle. It’s racial, it’s division and it’s used by (Republican nominee) Glenn Youngkin and others; it’s the same thing with Trump and the border wall, to divide people. We should not be dividing people in school.”

McAuliffe, who served as Virginia governor from 2014 to 2018, was asked by WAVY-TV anchor Anita Blanton to define Critical Race Theory, which in simple terms views the world through the Marxist lens of oppressor vs. the oppressed, regarding all white people as oppressors of black people, regardless of personal behavior.

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