Biden Administration Making Ridiculous Excuses On Oil Production, Gas Prices, Must Think Americans Are Stupid

Biden deflects by saying gas prices are lower than they were a decade ago

Credit: Jae C. Hong/Associated Press


The White House acknowledged Wednesday that President Joe Biden was not trying to increase domestic oil production to help lower gas prices in the United States.

During the White House daily briefing, Bloomberg reporter Josh Wingrove asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki whether Biden was considering ways to increase domestic oil production, after sending a public letter to OPEC nations to increase production of foreign oil.

“The point we have made in these communications is that we’re not making a supply question here — or we’re not posing a supply question domestically,” she said. “Obviously, OPEC has its own unique role on the global marketplace.”

Psaki argued that gas prices were higher than they were in 2020 but still around normal.

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