Biden Announces Federal Vaccine Mandate, Offers $100 Bribes To Get People Vaccinated



President Joe Biden on Thursday announced sweeping new coronavirus vaccine requirements for millions of federal workers and contractors, while continuing to push divisive and baseless rhetoric that blamed unvaccinated individuals for the spread of new “mutant” strains.

However, his sticks-and-carrots approach for trying to boost a humiliating 49.4% total vaccination rate also included an appeal to localities to use federal funds to incentivize new vaccinations with $100 checks.

Federal workers will be required to sign forms attesting they’ve been vaccinated against the coronavirus or else comply with new rules: mandatory masking, weekly testing, distancing and more.

The strict new guidelines are aimed at increasing sluggish vaccination rates among the huge number of Americans who draw federal paychecks—and to coerce woke private employers around the country to follow the government’s lead.

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