Biden Holds First Press Conference, Commits To ‘Transparency’ But Won’t Say When – Here’s The Details Of What Else He Said

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Kristen Welker of NBC asked if the administration could commit to giving press access to the border detainment facilities. “We haven’t seen the facilities in which children are packed together,” she asked. “Will you commit to transparency?”

He said he would, but gave no timeline for guaranteeing press access to the border facilities

He said the reason he hasn’t visited the border himself is because he didn’t want to become the story. Welker asked if Biden rolled back Trump’s policies too soon. He said he did not, that Trump’s policies hadn’t reduced the flood of illegal immigrants. He slammed Trump’s policies and their impact “on human dignity.”

Prior to Welker’s questions, Biden addressed Yamiche Alcindor’s question about the elimination of the filibuster, which he said has been poorly abused this year. He said “we have to get to the place where I get 50 votes so the Vice President can break the tie.”

“The best way to get something done,” he said, before losing his train of thought. He then said “we’re going to get things done.” It was about 20 minutes into the conference.

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