Biden Refuses To Look Into Mirror, Is Slammed After Attacking Credibility Of U.S. Army Report That Lays Blame Of Afghanistan Debacle At His Feet



President Joe Biden faced backlash late on Thursday after he attacked the credibility of the U.S. Army following its report that blamed the Biden administration for the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan late last summer.

Biden made the remarks during an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt in response to a question about a report that was in The Washington Post, which reported earlier in the day:

“On the subject of American citizens, I have to draw your attention to that Army report, an investigative report that’s come out about the lead up to the withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Holt said. “It interviewed many military officials and officers who said the administration ignored the handwriting on the wall. Another described trying to get folks in the Embassy ready to evacuate, encountering people who were essentially in denial of the situation.”

“Does any of that ring true to you?” Holt asked.


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