Biden Slammed For Withholding Key Intelligence Info From Israel To Prevent Rafah Invasion


(Daily Wire) The Biden administration is under fire after reportedly withholding intelligence on the locations of senior Hamas officials to pressure Israel into giving up its planned invasion of Rafah.

Biden officials have reportedly offered to supply Israel with intelligence on top Hamas officials in exchange for assurances that the Israeli military will not conduct a full-scale invasion of Rafah, which Israeli officials have repeatedly promised to do in order to take out the remaining battalions of Hamas left in the Gaza Strip, according to The Washington Post.

Critics blasted the proposal, accusing President Joe Biden of withholding information that could finish the Israel-Hamas war faster, as well as potentially lead to the rescue of hostages still held by Hamas.

“Is there anything more cynical than this? More repulsive? The administration says it has intel on the wherabouts [sic] of the Hamas terror masters but will only share if Israel agrees not to eradicate Hamas. This is an ally? This is a friend?” said Caroline Glick, the senior contributing editor at the Jewish News Syndicate.

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