Democrats Working Hard To Cover Up Biden’s Age And Mental Condition – As If The World Doesn’t See It

AP Photo/Luca Bruno

(Townhall) As the 2024 presidential election nears the corner, the Democrat Party is doing everything possible to try and fool voters that its 81-year-old geriatric commander-in-chief is mentally and physically fit enough to serve another four years.

According to a Politico report, the White House has created an emergency “Taskforce” to mitigate the influence of videos that show President Joe Biden malfunctioning in public. 

The report accused media tycoon and Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch of characterizing “the 81-year-old Biden as a senile, lost old man.” In response, the White House’s special task force will be ordered to combat “cheap fakes,” a term invented by the Biden Administration, as a way to keep proof that the president’s health is slipping away from voters. 

As the White House press shop worked to blunt the impact of a Wall Street Journal story suggesting President JOE BIDEN was “slipping,” some aides pointed the finger squarely at RUPERT MURDOCH, arguing that the media tycoon with well-known conservative leanings was getting his empire into partisan form ahead of the election. That accusation turned out to be the opening salvo in what is now a very public war.  

The Murdoch outlets are so desperate to distract from @POTUS’s record that they just lie,” Senior deputy press secretary Andrew Bates posted on X. 

[The New York Post] made Biden look like he had wandered off from other heads of state during the G7 summit in Italy. (Wider shots of those events painted a different picture.) The White House has also emphasized that some of the fact-checks have come from right-leaning publications and individuals. Via Politico. 

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