FYI: Here Are The 28 Republican Senators Who Voted To Keep Funding Ukraine In A War That May Never End

(100percentFedUp) America is broke….


Broker than Jaden:

That cracks me up every time….

Love that kid and his infectious laugh!

But this is actually serious.

The U.S. is literally insolvent.

By the book definition, we are wildly upside down with no hopes of getting better.

I love this example….

This really explains it — if the U.S. Budget were shown at the scale of a regular family budget, this is how out of control and upside down it would be:

Folks, that chart is the visual depiction of “insolvency”.

The ONLY reason we can still pay our debts is because we print new money out of thin air and the U.S. Dollar is the “best of the worst” currencies out there.

At least it has been.

I keep warning you that the U.S. Dollar is about to collapse (READ MORE HERE) and once that happens the ponzi scheme is over.


And then things get really ugly.

Ok, so why did I tell you all of that?

Because in light of that background, we are insanely still sending BILLIONS upon BILLIONS to Ukraine!

It’s flat out treason, and I think you need to know the names of the 28 Republican Senators who just voted to send more to Ukraine:

Not only did we vote to send Ukraine more BILLIONS, but get this….

If our Government shuts down, as it looks like it will in 3 days, all payments to American citizens stop.

You know what doesn’t stop?

Even in light of a Government Shutdown, the Ukraine payments still go on!

I am not kidding you!

Folks, we have treason inside our gates and we either stop it now or kiss this country goodbye.

Do you know how the scam works?

I know at this point you probably sense there’s a big scam going on here, but do you know exactly how it works?

I do.

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