GOP Waging Civil War On Multiple Fronts Over Who Should Be In Power

Disagreements abound over House speaker and RNC chair


(Western Journal) While most civil wars are fought over land, this brewing one appears to be fought over a body of water.

The much-ballyhooed “red wave” that many expected in the 2022 midterm elections never quite materialized, instead, perhaps it would best be described as more of a “pink-ish puddle.”


Despite the GOP taking back control of the House, many Republicans were less than enamored with the relatively muted response across the board during midterms. For every example of a “red wave,” like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flipping the typically Democratic-voting Dade County, there was an example like Dr. Mehmet Oz losing to a very beatable John Fetterman in Pennsylvania.

Just like in virtually any other competitive avenue, be it Wall Street or pro sports, when your team does not live up to expectations, it’s natural for finger-pointing to begin.

Unfortunately for Republicans, this could lead the GOP down a very dark path, at least electorally, given how vitriolic some of this bickering has become.

Even in an environment which the Republicans won in, like the House, there is a call for change.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, for instance, was decidedly not on board with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as the House speaker.

“Our ancestors, out of love of country, pledged their lives and their fortunes and their sacred honor. Is the best Congress can really do today pledging a vote for Mitch McConnell? Or Kevin McCarthy?” Gaetz asked, referring to leadership in both houses of Congress.

Gaetz’s distaste for McCarthy is hardly unique. Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert also opposes McCarthy.

Interestingly, normal Gaetz ally, Marjorie Taylor Greene, does support McCarthy. The two even wrote opposing op-eds regarding McCarthy’s worthiness to continue as House speaker, despite typically flanking each other on any number of conservative causes in recent times.

“Every single Republican in Congress knows that Kevin does not actually believe anything. He has no ideology,” Gaetz wrote, per Fox News.

“Lying to the base is a red line for me, and that’s what five of my closest colleagues are doing when they claim a consensus House speaker candidate will emerge as they oppose Kevin McCarthy,” Greene wrote. “Here’s the reality: No one is running against Kevin McCarthy for speaker.”

The bickering doesn’t stop there.

Gaetz also doesn’t want Ronna McDaniel to return to her post as RNC chairwoman, feeling her failed leadership and distribution of funds squandered some winnable GOP races during the midterms.

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Turning Point USA, a conservative nonprofit, even jumped into the McDaniel fray, with TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk responding to McDaniel after she lambasted TPUSA for supporting Harmeet Dhillon for RNC chair.


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