House Oversight Committee Chair Subpoenas Secret Service Officials And DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas Over Tip-Off Of Hunter Biden Interview

Gateway Pundit

(Gateway Pundit) House Oversight Chairman James Comer on Tuesday issued 6 subpoenas related to the rigged Hunter Biden investigation.

“Comer sent a total of six subpoenas Tuesday— one directed to Secretary Mayorkas for documents; and five for depositions—two to Secret Service officials and three to DHS officials.” Fox News reported.


  • 4 Subpoenas to DHS that require the production of documents and communications about our request and three depositions with DHS employees.
  • 2 Subpoenas to the Secret Service requiring two Secret Service employees to appear for depositions.


“The Department of Justice initiated the Biden family coverup, and now DHS, under the leadership of Secretary Mayorkas, is complicit in it.” the Oversight Committee said on Tuesday.

“IRS whistleblowers provided testimony regarding misconduct during the Hunter Biden criminal investigation, including FBI Headquarters tipping off Secret Service Headquarters and the Biden transition team about the planned Hunter Biden interview. Following these actions, the interview of Hunter Biden did not occur.” they said.

“These allegations were backed up by the former FBI supervisory special agent who was assigned to interview Hunter Biden.” House Republicans said. “After months of obstruction by DHS and the Secret Service, James Comer is issuing six subpoenas.”

Rather than charging Hunter Biden with felonies for evading taxes and providing false statements to the feds, Joe Biden’s corrupt DOJ gave him a sweetheart deal (the deal has since fallen apart).

Hunter Biden was hit with two misdemeanors related to unpaid taxes from 2017 and 2018.

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