No Accountability: Biden Sounds Off Blaming Republicans For His Failure, Yet Conveniently Forgets That Democrats Control Congress

First it was the pandemic, then it was Russia, now it’s Republicans that Biden is blaming. It’s everyone but himself.

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh


President Biden on Tuesday blamed Republicans in Congress for inflation, which reached a 40-year high of 8.6 percent in May, with food, shelter, and fuel indexes among the largest contributors, according to the Consumer Price Index report.

The president claimed during a speech to the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations that his economic agenda would bring down costs but Republicans have blocked it.


“Under my plan for the economy we made extraordinary progress and put America in a position to tackle a worldwide problem that’s worse everywhere but here: inflation,” Biden said.

“The problem is, Republicans in Congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down costs on ordinary families,” the president added. “That’s why my plan is not finished, and the results aren’t finished either.”

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