Political Analyst: If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Decides To Enter Presidential Race, This Is When He’s Likely To Announce

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis waves during an inauguration ceremony at the Old Capitol, Jan. 3, 2023, in Tallahassee, Florida. (Lynne Sladky / AP Photo)

(Western Journal) The senior political correspondent for The New York Times expects Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to announce a run for the presidency — if at all — sometime around Memorial Day.

Maggie Haberman, tweeting a link to a story she and colleague Michael C. Bender wrote for The Times on Sunday, said that “DeSantis is said to be looking at a late May / early June entrance if he runs.”


That would be, as Haberman noted, a late entry into the race, but certainly not an impossibly late one.

The focus of the piece in The Times was on how DeSantis was navigating — and how he might continue to navigate — the multiple attacks former President Donald Trump has made against the governor whom many see as the most likely alternative to a Trump nomination in 2024.


One exchange with a member of the media last week illustrated DeSantis’ current approach to handling Trump’s barbs.

A reporter asked DeSantis about insinuations made by the former president on social media that DeSantis had “behaved inappropriately with high school girls while he was a teacher in his early 20s.”

DeSantis refused to rise to the bait.

“I spend my time delivering results for the people of Florida and fighting against Joe Biden,” he said instead, according to The Times. “That’s how I spend my time.

“I don’t spend my time trying to smear other Republicans,” he added, sounding a little like former President Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was known for citing throughout his political career what he referred to as the “11th commandment” — “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”

Some political observers, however, have noted that that posture may be difficult to maintain throughout a still-hypothetical Republican presidential primary pitting Trump and DeSantis against each other — a situation Trump obviously foresees.

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