Poll: Biden In Deep Trouble In More Ways Than One

AP Photo/Chris Carlson

(PJ Media) As the political battle of our generation heats up, surprises abound.

Radio icon Charlamagne tha God recently lashed out at Biden, which could hurt the Commander-in-Diapers with black voters.


Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Derp-Mich.) recently helped convince roughly 100,000 Great Lake State voters to mark “uncommitted” in Michigan’s Democrat primary. If those voters stay home on election Day, Michigan will likely swing back to Trump. Meanwhile, the Israel-Hamas war and nationwide antisemitism are swinging Jewish voters to Trump.

Every poll shows Trump clown-slapping Biden in November, and the behind-the-shed switch-beatin’ gets even better when independent candidates are thrown into the race.

Sadly, gruesome murders and sexual assaults, most of them against kids, are stealing the headlines. Horror stories of the reality of the invasion of illegal immigrants once thought to be a problem for the nation’s large, blue cities, are now hitting small-town America.

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