Texts Messages From Nathan Wade’s Lawyer Released, Shows That He Knew Fani Willis Relationship Began Before She Claimed

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(New York Post) A trove of damning text messages from Nathan Wade’s former divorce attorney seemingly showing his affair with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis started before they claim have finally emerged.

The text exchanges between Terrence Bradley and Ashleigh Merchant — who is representing one of former President Donald Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia election fraud case — were revealed in full for the first time on Megyn Kelly’s podcast Wednesday.


Fani Willis, in red dress, steps away from the stand after testifying during a hearing on Georgia election interference case in Atlanta.
Text messages about Fani Willis and Nathan Wade have been released. AP

“We have gotten our hands on the texts,” Kelly said in opening her show, referring to the 413-message exchange.

text exchange
In the texts, Bradley calls Willis and Wade “arrogant as f.”

“The admissions by Nathan Wade’s friend and former law partner that they did not want you to see,” she added.

In the texts, Bradley calls Willis and Wade “arrogant as f,” calls Merchant his friend and says he trusts her.

“Do you think [the affair] started before she hired him?” Merchant, representing co-defendant Mark Roman, texted Bradley in early January.

“Absolutely,” Bradley responded. “It started when she left the DA’s office and was judge in South Fulton.”

text exchange
The exchange also reveals when the alleged relationship started.
Special prosecutor Nathan Wade in a suit, attending a hearing in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. as Terrence Bradley testifies.
Nathan Wade and Willis allegedly began an affair after she left the DA’s office. via REUTERS

Willis was a judge in South Fulton in 2019, according to a Time magazine report.

When confronted with this message on Tuesday while being grilled on the stand about Willis and Wade’s relationship, Bradley had muttered, “Oh, dang.”

However, he spent the rest of the hearing incredibly claiming not to remember basic details about when his former law partner and Willis met and started dating and tried to explain away his messages as mere speculation.

Trump and his co-defendants are asking to have Willis taken off their case for lying about when she started seeing Wade, whom she appointed as special prosecutor in the case in November 2021.

text exchange
Another part of the conversation revealed that Willis and Wade would likely deny an affair took place.

She and Wade have testified that they got together in 2022 and broke up a year later. Merchant and lawyers for Trump have been submitting evidence to show they were actually together much earlier than that.

When asked about a list of other people, including some who worked in the Fulton County DA’s Office with Willis who would know about the relationship, Bradley responded: “Subpoena them all.”

Attorney speaks with client in court during trial for Fulton County election interference.
Willis and Wade have testified that they got together in 2022 and broke up a year later. Brynn Anderson/Pool via USA TODAY NETWORK


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