Poll: Biden’s Approval Rating Drops Again, Now In Uncharted Territory At Just 32% As Blacks Turn Their Back On Him

(Breitbart) The Civiqs daily tracking poll shows His Fraudulency Joe Biden still bottoming out with a 32 percent job approval rating.

When Biden hit 32 percent a few days back, it seemed counter-intuitive, with most polls showing him in the high thirties or low forties. But here we are, four days later, and the number remains 32 percent. Moreover, the disapproval rating is 56 percent, which is a massive gap of 24 points.


What’s more, this 32 percent is no longer an outlier. Quinnipiac, a notorious left-wing pollster, currently shows Biden with an approval rating of just 35 percent, with 58 percent disapproving. That’s a 23-point gap in the negative.

Back to Civiqs…

The bottom is falling out of Biden’s presidency because he’s losing Democrats. When he stumbled into office, 91 percent of Democrats approved of the job he was doing. That has since taken a 22-point dive to just 69 percent.

Among black Americans, only 59 percent approve of Slow Joe today. When Biden took office, 85 percent approved. That’s a 26-point dive.

Biden is flat-out upside-down with Hispanics. Only 41 percent approve of the job he’s doing, while 45 percent disapprove. When Biden took office, 64 percent approved, and only 26 percent disapproved. A 23-point dive.

What’s killing Hunter’s Dad — surprise, surprise — is the economy. Currently, a whopping 74 percent believe (accurately) that the economy is getting worse. All anyone has to do is look at the price of gas or their grocery bill or their 401K to know that. Only nine percent believe the economy is improving. Those are probably all the illegal aliens Biden let in to replace us.

Biden’s big problem is that a plurality of 48 percent of his own Democrats believe the economy is getting worse, while only 20 percent believe the economy is improving. Those 20 percent must be illegal aliens.

Black voters should be Bicycle Joe’s most loyal base, but 52 percent believe the economy is worsening, while only 17 percent say it’s getting better.

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