Poll: Blacks Running Away From Joe Biden, Support Down 30% From When He Took Office In 2021


(Washington Examiner) President Joe Biden has seen a dramatic fall in support among black Americans, according to a new poll.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll found that just 52% of black respondents approved of Biden’s performance as president, down from 82% when he took office in 2021. The 30-point drop in support is the lowest of Biden’s presidency, and comes as he prepares for reelection.


Furthermore, 27% of black Americans said they would probably or definitely vote for former President Donald Trump, or lean towards him; over double his support in 2020. Trump won just 12% of the black vote in the last presidential election.

Black Americans aren’t the only formerly solid demographic slipping away from Democrats; Biden’s support is even lower among Hispanics. Just 40% of Hispanics approve of Biden, and 43% say they would probably or definitely support Trump in a rematch, or lean towards him. The number is 11 points above the 32% of the Hispanic vote Trump received in 2020.

White Americans have an even lower approval for the president, with just 32% approving.

Women, another demographic that leans Democratic, have just a 39% approval rating for Biden. Independents, a key voting bloc in swing states, only have a 30% approval rating for Biden, despite the president winning them by 54% in 2020. In a rematch, they favor Trump 48-39%.

Biden’s low trend continued among moderates; despite winning them by 64% in 2020, currently only 40% approve. Around half say they would vote for Trump over Biden in a rematch.

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