Red Wave? FiveThirtyEight Throws Cold Water On Democrats Chances In 2022 Midterm Elections

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(TownHall) FiveThirtyEight is about to become the Left’s favorite publication to hate after they tossed cold water on Democratic Party hopes for surviving the 2022 midterms relatively unscathed.

Nancy Pelosi is snorting cocaine if she thinks that Democrats will either keep or enlarge their majority in the House. She felt the same way in past midterms—she was wrong.


The Senate is where Democrats think they can mount a defensive redoubt. During the summer, abortion hysterics and Biden crawling out of the 30s in approval ratings had the Left jumping for glee, showing the depths of their political delusions. Biden is still unpopular—and abortion was localized to the cities and coasts. It was magnified by the media, who happen to have their headquarters in these deep blue bastions—the coverage was overblown. Nate Silver’s crew now listed five reasons why the Democrats remain totally screwed for 2022.

One of the reasons you already know about: Democrats can’t bank on any more good news to break their way. The full froth of the pro-abortion cretins has peaked. The August spending bill has long left the news cycle. It did little to boost Democrats once the consumer index report reminded everyone that inflation is high and we’re in an economic recession.

Republicans have a winning streak in the midterms that mirrors Aaron Rodger’s dominance over the Chicago Bears. And with the economy struggling and more American families realizing their home budgets and purchasing power has deteriorated under Biden, the more they will be looking elsewhere for relief. Of all places, I’d never thought the PA suburbs would be up for grabs, eminently reachable for Republicans this year. These people are done with ‘build back better’ and other Biden agenda items that produce sub-par results.

The issues favor Republicans, and the money advantage Democrats have enjoyed over the summer could also evaporate as pro-Trump PACs, along with some establishment campaign arms, begin pouring money into these races, especially now that we have the wind to our backs again (via 538):

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