Republicans Finally Calling For Biden To Resign Following Deposition Of Former CIA Director Who Said Secretary of State Helped To Discredit Reporting On Hunter Biden

Ex-CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell said that Secretary of State Antony Blinken helped Joe Biden discredit media reports of shady business dealings found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop

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(Daily Wire) Secretary of State Antony Blinken should resign, some Republicans in Congress are beginning to say, after the bombshell revelation that the nation’s top diplomat may have been a driving force behind a bid to discredit reporting about Hunter Biden — in particular a laptop that allegedly contained information about his shady business dealings and personal life — weeks before the 2020 election.

Calls for Blinken to step down followed the GOP-led House Judiciary Committee releasing a small excerpt of a deposition with former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell during an interview with the judiciary panel and the House Intelligence Committee.


A portion of a transcript shows Morell said “yes” when asked if a call around mid-October 2020 from Blinken, who was then an adviser to President Joe Biden’s campaign at the time, triggered a statement signed by 51 intelligence veterans suggesting the Hunter Biden laptop story could be part of a Russian disinformation operation. Morell also testified that Steve Ricchetti, chairman of the Biden campaign, called Morell following a presidential debate to thank him for helping to put together the statement and admitted he wanted Biden to win the election.


“This, in my opinion, probably disqualifies him to serve as the secretary of state,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) told Just the News on Friday. “Tony Blinken, you should resign,” he also said in addition to floating the prospect of impeachment.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), a lead congressional investigator of the Biden family, said Blinken should resign if he is proven to be the “impetus” of the statement. “And if he doesn’t resign, he should be impeached,” Johnson told The Star News Network. “Again, so many members of the Biden administration have this level of deceit, dishonesty and corruption. This is a lawless administration.”

A more blunt assessment came from Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX). “Anthony Blinken is a disgrace,” he tweeted. “He has now lost ALL credibility. He’s damaged our country irreparably. He needs to RESIGN NOW!!”

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