Shocking!! Harvard Poll Shows Independent Voters Favor Trump By 18 Points Over Biden

(100percentFedUp) In a rapidly shifting political landscape, one constant remains: the magnetic pull of former President Trump.

As the echoes of “Make America Great Again” still resonate with many Americans, a surprising revelation comes to light: Trump would not only dominate the Republican primary field but could also unseat President Biden in a general election, according to a recent poll.


And this isn’t just any poll, but a Harvard-Harris poll, known for its heavy leanings towards the left.

Astonishingly, Trump leads Biden with 45 to 40 percent, leaving a crucial 16% of voters undecided.

The margin is even greater when compared to Vice President Harris.

So what does this mean for the Biden administration and the Democrats?


Moreover, the poll unveiled an underlying current of discontent, with an overwhelming 70% of voters yearning for another option.

Does this mean that the country is ready for a change again? Or is it just a sign of growing disillusionment with the current political environment?

Perhaps most concerning for Biden and his supporters is that 68% of Americans perceive him as “too old to be president.”

This report goes beyond just the numbers and dives deep into the shifting sands of the American political landscape.

Here’s what the New York Post had to say about the latest shock poll:

Independents, often deemed the ‘swing voters,’ have long been the sought-after demographic in any election.

They hold a particular sway, shaping the narrative and often determining the outcome of the race.

But this survey reveals a surprising turn of events: 45 percent of these independent voters favor former President Trump, with a meager 27 percent rooting for President Biden.

This glaring difference could spell disaster for Biden and the Democrats if this trend continues.


But what does this all mean for the political landscape moving forward?

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