Spillover Effect: New Polling In Iowa Spells Even Bigger News For Trump

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(PJ Media) The 2024 election feels like a whirlwind these days, as various indicators are giving us mixed signals about the outcome of the 2024 presidential election. Despite demographic shifts that are, frankly, devastating for Joe Biden, the polls in several battleground states make it clear that this will be a close election, likely dependent on the results of three states.

Yet, it’s a poll from a non-battleground state making waves now.

A new Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll shows Trump ahead of Joe Biden by double digits in Iowa, with Trump leading 50% to 32% among likely voters with third-party candidates included in the poll. That’s an 18-point lead.

Why does this matter, since Trump won Iowa in 2020 and 2016?

For one thing, the Des Moines Register poll, conducted by Ann Selzer, is notorious for being extremely accurate. The final Des Moines Register poll of 2020 had Trump up seven points over Joe Biden, and Trump ultimately won the state by eight points.

Again, this is not the real reason this poll is significant. What really makes this poll’s result huge are the implications it has for other Midwestern states.

Meghan McCain, who is no fan of Trump, warned her followers on X/Twitter that Trump’s substantial lead in Iowa likely means he’ll win Wisconsin as well.

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