Total Incompetence!! Biden’s White House Doxes US Special Forces Sent To Israel To Rescue Hostages Held By Hamas

From the Afghanistan withdrawal catastrophe to the funding of Iran, everything Biden does helps the enemy

Sam Shoemate/X

(BPR) In another misstep that borders on criminal, President Joe Biden’s White House evidently posted – and then deleted – an image that could risk lives.

“The White House IG posted images of the special forces team without blurring their faces before eventually deleting it only after thousands already saw it,” Chaya Raichik, who runs the popular Libs of TikTok account on X, tweeted Thursday.


“This is what happens when you value diversity over competence in your hiring process,” she added. “Everyone involved in that post decision should be fired.”


The move is being slammed as a “massive failure” in the understatement of the year.


While the picture was posted on Instagram and then deleted, social media users report being able to still find the image – undoctored – on other sites, such as X, Facebook and 4chan.


Criticism poured in over the responsible staff and the incompetence of the Biden administration’s diversity hires.

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