Uppity Bitch: Kamala Harris Demands Anyone Wanting A Picture With Her At Senate Swearing-In Ceremony Must Have Negative COVID Test

The ‘do nothing’ VP must actually believe that someone want’s a picture with her

News Punch

(News Punch) Vice President Kamala Harris has demanded that anyone wishing to take a photo with her at Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremony for the new Congress, must show proof of a negative covid test.

The ‘requirement, applies to any senator or family member or guest if they are over two years of age!


Breitbart reports: The U.S. Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Protocol Office blasted out a message on Thursday to all Senate offices noting that Harris’s office is requiring the coronavirus tests before taking photos with the vice president.

“The Vice President’s office has requested that we send their standard COVID-19 protocol information to offices participating in the reenactment opportunity in the Old Senate Chamber. Please see their suggested process below,” the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Protocol Office said in the email obtained by Breitbart News. “We look forward to welcoming all Senators and their families for the reenactment opportunity on January 3rd.”

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