Video: Former Clinton Pollster Says Dems Would ‘Commit Suicide’ Replacing Biden – ‘That Is The End Of It’

Screenshot/Grabien/Fox News

(Daily Caller) A former pollster for former President Bill Clinton said on Monday that Democrats should accept that President Joe Biden is likely to become the party’s presidential nominee because replacing him at this juncture would be difficult.

Biden declared he was staying in the race during a phone call into “Morning Joe” Monday morning where he dared his detractors to take him on during August’s Democratic Convention in Chicago. Mark Penn told “America Reports” co-host Sandra Smith that Biden had already secured the delegates necessary to earn the nomination, and that this would make it unlikely that he could be replaced at this point in the campaign.

“I keep telling people this, just listen to what he is saying: He’s running, he’s got the nomination, he won the primary, he’s got the delegates and that’s the end of it,” Penn said. “The party is going to get in line or commit suicide trying to undo his nomination, because he isn’t going anywhere and nobody is going to be taking the 25th Amendment and no one is taking him out of office. None of those things are happening. And so he’s the nominee and I think they are making that clear and I don’t think anyone in the party has any power to change that.”

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