China Covered Up COVID-19 Origin But Did They Do So With The Help Of Mainstream Media, Big Tech And Dr. Anthony Fauci?

Scientists insisted that anyone promoting the lab leak theory was an anti-science conspiracy theorist

Credit: Fox News


The world rightfully wants to find out what really happened in Wuhan and how what should have been a run-of-the-mill virus set off a global pandemic. We probably never will, however, because of the Great Chinese Cover-up.

But is there another cover-up, hiding right here in plain sight in Washington?

Did America bungle our initial handling of the pandemic because a handful of government scientists and bureaucrats, and their unwitting media enablers, deliberately sent us off in the wrong direction in order to cover up their own complicity in creating COVID-19?

These scientists insisted that anyone promoting the lab leak theory, including our leading governors and well-respected scientists, was a hysterical, xenophobic, anti-science conspiracy theorist.

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