Chuck DeVore: Americans Tired Of Government Lockdowns, Fleeing To ‘Freest’ Five States

Over the course of a year a net of 788,381 people moved to the ‘freest’ five states in America

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis - Screenshot


When people vote – with a moving van or a U-Haul truck – they vote for lower taxes and smaller government. That’s the conclusion from comparing a new report on freedom at the state level with the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data.

Over the course of a year a net of 788,381 people moved to Florida, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia, the “freest” five states in America, according to the Fraser Institute’s annual Economic Freedom in North America index.

The annual report, published by Canada’s Fraser Institute, ranks the states and provinces of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico using objective measures of government spending, tax rates and labor market freedom. The least-free U.S. state is New York. West Virginia, Alaska, California and Vermont round out the bottom five.

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