Dr. Fauci Needs To Look Into The Mirror When Talking About The Spread Of COVID ‘Misinformation’

Many have called Fauci ‘Dr. flip-flop’ for his backtracking of statements he’s made on COVID-19

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Capitol Hill, May 26, 2021 - Sarah Silbiger-Pool / Getty Images


When all is said and done about the COVID mania that has gripped our civilization for the past “two weeks,” or “15 days,” there is no doubt that Anthony Fauci will be among the most peculiar villains written of in the history books.

I do not say he is “peculiar” to suggest that he is not immoral or even evil – this has been well attested – but he is a strange villain, nonetheless, and seems to have an uncanny ability to lie to the public in plain-view without any self awareness.


The Fauci saga is decades old at this point, with even the inventor of the PCR test – the test most used to detect COVID-19 infections – saying years ago that Fauci “doesn’t understand medicine and should not be in the position that he’s in.”

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