If The ‘Unvaccinated’ Are Forced To Pay Additional For Healthcare, Shouldn’t Smokers, Addicts, And The Obese Have To Do The Same?


Would Financial Post columnist Diane Francis argue that smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts and the obese should be denied publicly funded health care, and forced to pay for their medical treatment out-of-pocket?

These groups of people, after all, “strain health-care systems and force hospitals to postpone surgeries or turn away Canadians who need treatment for other illnesses.” As Ms. Francis puts it: “In a single-payer health-care system like Canada’s, it is only fair and prudent” to “make people pay for the burden they impose on the system” when making unhealthy choices.

Nobody should be permitted to burden taxpayers “with the medical costs you incur because of your own irresponsibility.” “Public health measures should not be confused with freedom of choice or rights,” argues Ms. Francis. If you fall ill because of your own choice, “nobody else should have to pay for your personal negligence and irresponsibility.”

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