Important Read!! Donald Trump’s New York Civil Trials Go Well Beyond Just Him, If Allowed To Stand It Will Be The Death Knell To Capitalism, Property Rights And Rule Of Law

Donald Trump waves to supporters as he heads to court in New York City.

(Gateway Pundit) The Constitution established a form of limited government that was intended to do little else except preserve property rights while guarding those foundational liberties – i.e., freedom to speak, assemble, and religious freedom – that are necessary building blocks for any democratic society.  The government enacted by our Founding Fathers was not designed, as modern Leftists conceive it, to protect the marketplace against perceived injustices, real or imagined, in the namesake of “diversity” or “equity” or some other liberal trope, that – if brought to its logical conclusion – would level all standards, quash all forms of creative genius, and level all of society to the lowest common denominator.

By sharp contrast, the Founders deliberately crafted a government that would best foster man’s creative talents – indeed, the very reason for establishing a limited form of government in the first place was to make man’s pursuit of happiness, that guarantee from the Declaration of Independence, a plausible reality – something that can, practically, be obtained by all Americans on the basis of their individual gifts or merit, rather than social class or birthright.  The underlying assumption of this thinking was that any society constituted on these principles would prosper, because the most gifted members would be least encumbered by the arbitrary constraints of law or custom, in order to best realize their natural, God-given talents.  A society in which the best could realize their inherent gifts, most proficiently and unbothered by the jealous restraints of an undemocratic government, would benefit everyone – this was what used to be referred to as the “American dream” and was what propelled the spirit of free enterprise that once made America great – indeed, arguably the greatest country — the world has ever known.

Alas, all great things over time risk losing their sense of purpose, their original design, and become decadent.  Things become rotten or stale; comfortable generations forget the toils of their forefathers and become lazy in the process – forsaking liberty for easy security or safety.  Over time, first slowly, and then quickly, society breaks down. Tyranny creeps in.  This happens when the citizenry is too consumed by the bread and circus distractions of a decadent society, the fruits of a society that enjoyed too much success.  At which point they allow their narcissism to get the better of them, allowing petty squabbles to obfuscate focus on the bigger picture because of the rampant small-mindedness, which is the hallmark of any generation that has forgotten the duties and sacrifices required for self-government, that becomes ubiquitous.

If allowed to go unchecked for an extended period of time, these vices ultimately become institutionalized – in government, politics, and ultimately, the law.  This is when things become dangerous.  Lawmakers and judicial officers abandon their sacred oaths, and instead turn into jealous and vindictive despots.  Rather than celebrate success and exalt the principles of limited government needed to incubate those conditions for successful people to thrive – like the ability to negotiate deals without concern for frivolous nanny state oversight – they abuse their offices like petty tyrants and begin attacking their natural betters.  When this small-minded outlook becomes pervasive across society, the judiciary gets irrevocably corrupted by the same greed and envy that has tarnished the rest of the society; all of society, rather than elevating its best, begins venerating its worst.

A once free and competitive democracy degenerates into a mad dash to the bottom.  Judges constitutionally tasked with preserving the rule of law become enraptured by revenge – they demand the playing field be leveled; success be condemned.  They abandon their constitutional duties, instead ruling with the spirit of tinpot dictators.  The institutions over which they preside corrode and then collapse by the weight of their self-indulgence.  Despotism then arrives.  Like an uncontrollable wildfire, it spreads rapidly – leaving its mark everywhere; the people become slaves, and the tragedy is that most do not even realize their destitution, for they have lost sight of knowledge of true freedom.

In the broadest sense, this hellish state of affairs explains the ongoing civil litigation in New York State against Donald Trump, which has already resulted in judgments, upwards of half a billion dollars with all the arbitrary added interest, that threaten to destroy his formidable business empire.  The case narrative is straightforward; not having any real crime on which to prosecute the 45th President, Attorney General Letitia James made it her life’s mission to “get” Donald Trump.  The reasons for her animus against the presidential frontrunner are rank – and ugly – greed and envy.  She understands her political prosecution against Donald Trump as an opportunity to elevate her cache within the Democratic Party, as well as an opportunity to parasitically go after a man who obtained a level of success that she could never achieve herself.  These evil instincts are what at heart animate her – and all the judges, lawyers, and district attorneys who despise the 45th President.

James enjoys the fruits of an office – and manages the reins, as New York State Attorney General, of an office that carries the prestige and authority of a venerable legal tradition of which she is utterly incapable of grasping, no less appreciating – devised by men, over many generations, far worthier and more capable than her in every way imaginable.   Perhaps at an instinctual level she recognizes this, which might further embolden her attack against all that is good and eminent – for unless society comes down to her level, she and those of kindred spirit – Engoron, Kaplan, Bragg, and Hochul – will never feel deserving of their inheritance.  Until total communism is established in New York, Letitia James will never be happy.

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