Michael Matteo: Here’s The Solution To Renaming Those ‘Offensive’ Sports Team Names


Two decades ago I became a co-author of a book titled: The Politically Incorrect Joke book by Four White Males.

I was actually the fifth white male because I got involved after the majority of the book had already been written. I wrote the foreword and final four chapters of the book because, at the time, PC was something that was so ridiculous, it was a great source of comedic material.

Sadly, PC never went away and the combination of kids who grew up and became a part of the workforce embraced PC the way Michael Corleone embraced his brother Fredo to whisper in Fredo’s ear that Michael knew about his betrayal in the Godfather.

At the time this book was published, I wrote a piece titled: PC and Professional Sports teams. I was a regular guest on 970 WFLA’s Mark Larson’s show and became known as the “Education Watchdog” because I wrote many pieces exposing issues with public education. Mark read this piece on air and I was inundated with requests for people who wanted a copy of it. The piece is long gone, but I’ve decided to resurrect the basic premise in this article since finding offense with team names is still a popular topic over two decades later.

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