Poor Memory: Biden Also Wants Voters To Have A Poor Memory, Forget These 5 Things Prior To 2024 Election

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(PJ Media) Let’s call it like it is. Lady Liberty is on the ropes, and it wasn’t the Nazis, the Soviets, or Islamic terrorists who put her in a daze. Nor was it a second Civil War that bloodied her face, forcing Mick to cut her eye. The simple answer is that this is the work of Democrats and RINOs.

As of today, we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden plans on running for re-election, hoping to assail our battered nation with another term of Marxist codswallop. I’ll bet my Snagglepuss lunchbox that doesn’t happen. I think Biden is going to exit, stage left. And with good reason.


Brandon, Let’s Go!

Joe Biden is the worst presidential candidate since Vermin Love Supreme Al Sharpton. He “brought class back to the White House” in his first term by allegedly dropping a crabcake in his pants while chatting up the Pope. A week later he “stepped on a goose” while making small talk with the wife of then-Prince Charles. But hey, that’s just “blue-collar Joe” being one of the folks.

Biden has managed to get away with political murder for decades. Sure, he was forced to bail on his presidential ambitions in the 1980s when being a liar and a plagiarist had consequences, but apparently those malfeasances are no longer enough to keep a good-for-nothing trickster out of the White House.

Even the ole stand-by nuke in the Democrat’s quiver — an accusation of racism — hasn’t stopped Biden, despite a decades-long history of bigotry.


So Joe Biden has survived his history of racism, sexual assault, and loose bowels. Where is his Achilles heel?

Like Biden, Bill Clinton was once invincible until he wasn’t. He got away with too much, and eventually, his legacy began to sour. Unlike Biden, Slick Willie was clever enough to lie low and disappear, surfacing only to “allegedly” rob Haiti or hobnob with little girls on Epstein’s Pedo Island. Biden, on the other hand, is pretending people want him around.

But like his former nuclear waste wacko Sam Brinton, Biden has baggage he can’t explain, perhaps more than his handlers anticipated. And try as the Pravda press apparatchiks may to keep his dirty laundry out of sight, I’m not going to let that happen.

Here are a few of Biden’s whopper headlines that the mainstream media flushed faster than a mass shooting committed by a leftist.

1. AKA Joe Biden

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) was forced to admit that it has roughly 5,400 emails and electronic records from Joe Biden using various aliases. Most of the emails are from an obscure government server: “”

A lawsuit suggests that Biden may have been sending government information to, among others, his crack-puffin’ son Hunter.

Then-vice president Joseph Robinette Biden, the clever devil that he is, came up with some pathetic noms de plume to cover his online tracks, including “Robin Ware,” (his middle name and the last syllable of his home state of Delaware), “JRB Ware,” (his initials and another tip o’ the hat to his home state), and “Robert L. Peters,” a name that doesn’t include any damning personal connection to his own.




For a guy who claims that there was “an absolute wall” between himself and his son’s skullduggery, sending government information using aliases is a bad look.

2. Hunter’s laptop

Joe Biden, along with every Democrat, including your chartreuse-haired, Hamas-hugging, hermaphro-in-law, laughingly mocked you for believing that Hunter’s laptop, brimming with videos of his personal amateur drug porn, was somehow “Russian disinformation.” After all, 51 former intel specialists traitorous bootlickers all agreed that the laptop had the trademarks of a Russkie subterfuge.

But it’s real, and so is everything on it. And those in the media who aren’t asking Joe Biden and his White House spokesfibbers to explain why Biden lied are probably in on the scam.

3. Biden showered with his young daughter

I defy you to contact the FBI, tell them you left your diary in a rehab center, and ask them to kick in the doors of three right-leaning journalists to get it back. The feds would laugh at you unless your name is Ashley Biden.

But that is what happened when Joe’s daughter Ashley left a diary full of scandalously grotesque information, including her belief that she was sexually abused as a young child, and mentioning her “probably not appropriate” showers with her dad when she was a young child.

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The media was able to abracadabra this story to the cornfield in record time.

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